This is what happens when you rub a banana peel on your feet!

A banana peel can be very useful and here’s why!

A banana is not only a tasty piece of fruit, but it is also super healthy. The yellow fruit is full of vitamins and fiber. Do you throw away the banana peel after you finished eating? Don’t do this anymore! You can use a banana peel for many amazing things. It has probably never occurred to you before to put a banana peel on your feet. Why would you? It may sound crazy, but you really should give it a try!


Bananas are one of the most popular fruits. Did you know that a banana is one of the best fruits you can choose? The yellow piece of fruit is extremely tasty but also very healthy. Bananas are extremely nutritious. Eating a banana every day provides your body with many powerful nutrients. They contain fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and several other super healthy nutrients. Did you know that eating a banana has some amazing health benefits? Be careful if you have diabetes, because a banana contains a lot of sugar. If you don’t suffer from diabetes, a banana is super good for you! If you often eat a banana, you will have less stomach pains, more energy and it will improve your bowel movement. In addition, there is potassium and magnesium in a banana that can help lower your blood pressure. These blood pressure-lowering effects reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and ensure a healthier heart. Therefore, it’s recommended to eat at least one banana a day. But what do you do with the peel? Don’t throw it away anymore, just rub it over your feet!

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