This is the biggest mistake almost everyone makes while mopping the floor!

Cold water

Most people are mopping the floor with warm water. Chances are you’ve been doing this as well, but it turns out that this is one of the biggest mistakes we all make while mopping the floor. You can clean your floor much better when you use cold water instead of warm water! When you mop the floor with warm water, it evaporates more quickly and soap residue from the cleaning agent remains on the floor. This residue will cause streaks and the floor will become sticky. It’s much better to use cold water with a little bit of cleaner in it. You didn’t expect this, did you? But there’s something else you should know!


Do you have a laminate floor in your home? Then you should definitely know about this! There’s a simple trick to make your floor clean and shiny like never before. It’s really easy: just add some vinegar to a bucket of water to mop your floor with. White vinegar, or household vinegar, is the best cleaning product when it comes to cleaning your laminate floor. If you use vinegar, you don’t have to worry about stains, streaks or greasy residues on your floor. Extra tip: make sure your mop isn’t too wet. This can cause your laminate floor to swell.

Source: | Image: Pexels