How to make your extractor hood shine like never before!

Cleaning your extractor hood is super easy! 

Do you remember when you last thoroughly cleaned your extractor hood? No? Then you are probably not the only one. Many people do not know that this is necessary or simply forget about it. Cleaning your extractor hood can be a nasty chore, let alone cleaning the greasy, dusty filter. Because your extractor hood absorbs steam and smoke during cooking, it is inevitable that it will become greasy over time. The longer you wait, the harder you have to work to get it clean. But cleaning the extractor hood is easier than you think! Yet it is something that is often postponed. Not necessary! This way you can clean the extractor hood in no time without scrubbing!

Cleaning the extractor hood

In almost all households, the extractor hood is not cleaned often enough. Greasiness, unpleasant smells, your extractor hood has a hard time! That’s why we sometimes have to give it an extra cleaning. Ultimately, you want it to continue to work well. It’s important that you clean the extractor hood once every three months, because the grease and dirt in the filters can lead to a fire risk. In addition, the extraction can be reduced and the unpleasant smells from cooking will linger longer. Not cleaning your extractor hood is therefore damaging for the appliance itself, but also bad for your health! So it’s time to give it a good clean. But how do you do this as easily as possible? Simple, and you don’t even have to scrub! You probably already have the solution at home.

Curious with which miracle cure you can make the extractor hood shine like never before? We tell you all about it on the next page.