Hardly anyone knows this trick to make your windows shine like never before!

Shiny windows

We’re all frustrated when we just spent a good amount of time washing our windows and only see streaks all over the glass when we’re done. But, are streak-free and shiny windows really such a difficult job? The answer is no! With this simple trick, your windows will be sparkling and streak-free in no time. You probably already have the solution at home. It’s very simple: just use a little vinegar!

How it works

Put a bit of vinegar with some warm (not boiling) water in a clean spray bottle. Then apply the mixture to the windows. Then get out a clean microfiber cloth. You need to use this to clean and dry the windows with. Don’t use paper towels because they can leave scratches and streaks. A simple clean microfiber cloth is the way to go. Do not use kitchen paper, this also can cause scratches. Luckily, there’s now an easy trick that will make sure your windows will look beautiful and shiny like never before!

Source: poetsbureau | Image:  Flickr | Aqua Mechanical