Woman shares her secret trick for streak-free and shiny windows!

Shiny windows

Cleaning your windows is definitely not the most fun thing to do in your free time. We all would be frustrated when we see streaks all over the glass when you’re done. Luckily, there is a simple and cheap ingredient from your own kitchen that will make your windows look beautiful again and shiny once more. Do you want to make sure they’ll become completely streak-free? This trick will fix that for you! All you need is an onion.

What you need 

  • A simple onion
  • Bucket with lukewarm water
  • Sponge
  • Microfiber cloth

How it works

Take a bucket of lukewarm water and add half of a peeled onion. Let the onion soak in the water for a while and then wash your windows with the mixture. The substance in the onion that normally gives us tears, makes your glass windows extremely shiny and completely streak-free! Just clean the windows as you normally do using a sponge. Then wipe the windows with a microfiber cloth. The result is unimaginable, your windows will shine like never before!

Source: poetsbureau | Image:  Flickr | Aqua Mechanical