She applied listerine to her face and the result is incredible!

This is how it works!

All you need is Listerine mouthwash and a cotton ball. First thoroughly clean your face before you begin. Then pour some Listerine mouthwash onto a cotton ball. Now carefully clean your face with the cotton ball. You do not have to scrub hard, rubbing softly is enough. The alcohol in the Listerine ensures that the pores in your face are cleaned so that eventually all pimples and bumps on your face disappear! Within a short time you will have radiant skin again, without the need for other expensive cleaning products!

Note: You can use Listerine mouthwash. This is not aggressive and gives the desired effect. Other types of mouthwash can cause a more aggressive response that can dry out and damage the skin. Therefore, first try this trick every other day and do not use too much strong mouthwash.

Source: Angela Vermeer | Image: videostill | YouTube