10 signs that your blood sugar levels are out of control


The number of people who are walking around with high blood sugar without even knowing it is truly staggering. And part of that is because many people don’t know what high blood sugar symptoms actually look like. If your body does not produce any less insulin for any reason, your blood sugar level can be dangerous. You then have diabetes. You can tell from the following ten complaints that this is the case.

High blood sugar levels can be dangerous!

When you have eaten something that contains carbohydrates, your blood sugar level rises. A healthy body can automatically lower that level by making insulin. But with diabetes this does not work well, or not at all anymore. In the beginning, this still gives seemingly innocent complaints such as thirst and fatigue. But if you keep walking around with high blood sugar for a long time, organs such as the brain and heart and blood vessels can be damaged. You are also more likely to have infections. You can even end up in a coma if you have a seriously raised blood sugar level.

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