She slept with an onion in her sock and this is what happened after a week!

Onion in sock

While sleeping with an onion in your sock, the healing properties of the onion will be absorbed by your feet. Onions are considered a natural remedy for various illnesses and are known for their magical healing power. You should definitely give it a try because this onion in a sock therapy comes with great benefits for your health! Have you got a flu or a cold? Just put an onion in your sock at night! This easy trick helps your body tackle the sickness faster. It also works wonders for the removal of germs and bacteria in your body. Because of this, an onion in your sock works as a natural antibiotic. Also good to know, if you sleep with an onion in your sock for about a week, it has a major influence on your weight loss due to the detoxification process. Who knew that something so simple and inexpensive can turn out to be so beneficial for our health?

How it works

You can use a white or a red onion for this trick. Just make sure it’s an organic onion. Cut the onion into slices and place the onion slices in your socks and make sure they cover the entire bottom of your foot. Next, sleep as you usually do and let the onion work its magic! If you try this for over a week, you will see that it has a tremendous effect on your health! This is definitely worth trying, right?

Source: Stylecraze | Image: YouTube