Trouble sleeping? Then press your finger on this spot

You might not be familiar with terms like LV3, P6, and K1, but according to the ancient art of pressure point therapy, they hold the keys to the sleep of your dreams. Let’s dive deeper into where to find them and how to unlock their sleep-inducing magic.

LV3 (Liver 3):

This secret point resides at the top of your foot, nestled between your big toe and the second toe. Just apply pressure for about five seconds, and you could restore your liver’s energy balance and kiss stress goodbye.

P6 (Pericard 6):

This hidden gem hides on the inside of your wrist, approximately three finger-widths from your hand. A five-second press here, and your mind might find serenity as tension takes a backseat.

K1 (Kidney 1):

The third wonder spot lurks at the bottom of your foot, in the hollow between the ball of your foot and your heel. By exerting pressure here for about 30 seconds, taking a 5-second break, and then another 30 seconds, you could pave the way for relaxation and sleep.

Now, while scientific evidence may be limited, the power of pressure points has intrigued many. Sleep is a complex puzzle influenced by countless factors. When you decide to give this pressure point technique a whirl, keep an open mind and see if it works for you. It might be a simple, natural addition to your sleep routine, the key to that much-needed rest. So, is it worth a shot?