She went to sleep with an onion in her sock and this is what happened!

Weight loss

Your thyroid is responsible for releasing a number of hormones, and many are directly related to the amount of calories that your body burns at rest. When your thyroid is completely detoxified, it works at its best! You can stimulate this by simply sleeping with an onion in your sock for a week.


This applies for people who smoked at any time in their lives. If you have recently stopped smoking, then your body is working twice as hard, if not triple, to get all that mess out of your body. And you can give your body a helping hand to get rid of the toxins just by sleeping with an onion onder your feet. It’s also very useful for people who live in a big city where the air is much more polluted! You should definitely give this a try!


• Use white or red (biologic) onions.
• Cut these into slices and place them in the arch under your foot. This is where the meridians you want to stimulate are located.
• Cover the onion slice with a sock to hold the slice in place.

Give it a try! It’s definitely worth it!

Source: Stylegraze | Image: YouTube