Do you have silverfish in your home? With these simple tricks you can easily get rid of them

Meeting place

Prevention is of course better than to cure your silverfish-problem. Make sure it is neither too hot nor too humid in your home. Therefore it’s important to ventilate regularly. You often find silverfish on the floor of your bathroom, because it is nice and humid there. You may also find them in the bathtub. They often hide in the walls of your house, between them and the insulation. But how do you prevent and repel these critters?

Catch them

Do you suffer from those annoying silverfish in your house? Do not panic! Grab an empty jar, duct tape, and a small piece of bread. Wrap the duct tape around the entire jar and put a piece of bread inside it. Put the jar in a place where you usually find a lot of silverfish. The silverfish will, on the hunt for the bread, crawl into the jar and can no longer get out because of the smooth glass on the inside of the jar! The critters can’t walk well on slippery surfaces, so when they try to climb out of the jar they slide back down. This way you can easily catch silverfish!


Get rid of silverfish by making your own spray. First, grab an empty spray bottle. Fill it with some water and add a few drops of lavender oil or lemon juice. Silverfish hate these smells! Spray this at the places where you usually find a lot of silverfish. With this do-it-yourself spray you will get rid of silverfish in no time!

Potato tick

The next trick will amaze you! Cut a potato in half and put half the potato in a plastic bag that you don’t seal. The starch of the potato (silverfish love this!) ensures that they crawl into the plastic bag. Once you’ve caught a few silverfish you can close the plastic bag and throw it away. Definitely worth a try!

Source: flaironline | Image: Videostill