This simple trick really keeps wasps at bay!

What you shouldn’t do

Whether out of animal love or self-protection, you should never kill a wasp! When a wasp dies, a certain pheromone is released that will attract other wasps that will become very aggressive. You may think that you can get rid of wasps this way, but the chance is much higher that you’ll be stung! You definitely don’t want this! But how do you get rid of those stinging wasps? There is a clever trick to get rid of wasps in a quick and easy way.

The solution

Fortunately, this trick is super easy and you probably already have the solution at home! While we are happy with the smell of fresh coffee, wasps hate it! So, are you enjoying a snack or a drink and are you being bothered by a wasp? Then just grab some coffee grounds from your kitchen!

How it works

If you light the coffee grounds on fire, it will release a scented smoke that wasps dislike. This scent ensures that no wasp will come near you! First, grab a few fireproof cups. Add the coffee grounds and light with a lighter. The coffee burns without a flame. There’s a steaming smell coming from the coffee grounds that keeps the wasps at bay! Get rid of those pesky wasps in no time with this simple trick. Definitely worth a try, right?

Source: Libelle | Image: Pixabay