Put toilet paper in your fridge for this reason

This is why everyone puts toilet paper in the fridge!

Have you ever thought about putting toilet paper in your fridge? Yes, you read that right! Besides its usual role in the toilet, toilet paper also has hidden talents that can come in handy in the kitchen, especially in your fridge. We’ll explain why you should immediately put toilet paper in your fridge!

Toilet paper is something we use every day without really thinking about it. On average, a person uses about 100 rolls of toilet paper per year, which is almost 20,000 sheets! That might sound like a lot, but think about how often you actually use a sheet of toilet paper. So, toilet paper is used for more than just the toilet. It’s used for everything from cleaning up spills to removing makeup and even as tissue. But did you know you can use it for much more than just the toilet? You should really try putting toilet paper in your fridge!

Toilet paper in the fridge

While it might seem unusual to use toilet paper outside of the bathroom, its amazing properties can work wonders when placed in your fridge. Simple items like toilet paper have surprising properties that many people are still unaware of. Until now! Placing toilet paper in your refrigerator is a recent trend on the internet. Some people say they’ve been doing it for years. It may sound strange, but once you know why, you’ll want to try it too!

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