This is why you should put coffee in your washing machine

It’s frustrating to see your favorite shirt or jeans lose their beautiful black color after a few washes. Plus, it’s such a waste! There are expensive laundry products that promise to restore the color of your clothes. But what if there’s a simple and affordable option you already have at home? You probably never thought about putting coffee in your washing machine. Why would you, right? Well, you really should start doing it from now on!

Black clothes

Black clothes go with everything. Black dresses, black pants, black shirts; we can’t get enough of them! But the downside is that their black color often fades quite quickly… After a few washes, they’ve already turned into a kind of dark gray. Hot water, friction, and harsh detergents can cause your clothes to fade. Although faded clothing might seem inevitable, you can keep your black garments dark, fresh, and clean. Just simple cup of coffee can help you with that! Definitely worth trying, isn’t it?

Washing machines are indispensable nowadays. You toss your clothes in the drum, add some detergent, turn it on, and your clothes come out fresh and clean. But keeping black clothes truly black is often tricky. After a few spins in the washing machine, the fabric is likely to look dull and grayish. Washing your favorite black clothes can sometimes be a real challenge. After a few washes, it seems like the color slowly fades away. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Fortunately, there’s a secret trick you can try, and it’s something you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard: coffee!

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