Do you have skin tags? This amazing trick will help you get rid of them in an easy and painless way!

Simple ingredient 

There’s no need to go to a doctor or buy expensive creams. All you need to get rid of skin tags is one simple product: apple cider vinegar! Just apple cider vinegar? Yes, you read that right! This product is extremely popular since it’s very effective for lots of different purposes, like getting rid of skin tags. How it works? The apple cider vinegar dries out the skin tags which eventually makes it fall off of its own.

How it works

Soak a cotton ball in some apple cider vinegar. Then, carefully rub it onto your skin tag. Afterwards, secure the cotton ball to your skin tag with a bandage. Leave it on for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Thereafter, wash the area with some soap and warm water. Allow the area to dry afterwards. Repeat this a few times a day for the following weeks. When you add this to your daily routine, you will notice that the skin tag will change its color; it will get a bit darker which means that the tag is drying out. After a while, when it has gone black, the tag will fall off quite quickly on its own. You have to try this trick when you have skin tags; it really works and is completely painless!

Source: Healthline | Image: YouTube