How to clean your oven with just one simple and cheap ingredient!

Clean and degrease the oven. Not our favorite job. Fortunately we have the solution for that! You only need one ingredient for it and you probably already have it at home.

The oven

You cook, bake, roast etc. We use our ovens for many different things. This can often be seen by the burnt-on food residues or greasy dirt. And we don’t want that! We see cleaning our oven not as a favorite thing to do. Because say for yourself: who wants to scrub hard to remove the crumbled food scraps? Fortunately, there is a trick with which you can get your oven shining again very easily and cheap. It is actually very simple and you don’t even have to be there yourself half the time. It really works! On the next page you can read how to make the greasiness disappear from your oven with just one simple ingredient!