How to clean your oven with just one simple and cheap ingredient!

The trick

For everyone who has already taken up the challenge with expensive cleaning products: you can now exchange them for … a lemon! This is really a solution for cleaning. It is extremely cheap and works as one of the best environmentally friendly cleaning products. In no time you can clean your oven again with just a lemon!

How it works

Start by preheating the oven at 200 degrees. Then cut the lemon into slices. Then place the lemon slices in an ovenproof dish and fill it with boiling water. Place this dish in the oven for about 10 minutes. The lemon fumes ensure that cleaning the oven is now a piece of cake. You will see that the dirt and grease residues have become soft and you can remove them in no time! Now you can easily wipe everything clean with a cloth or kitchen paper. Extra nice: lemon is not expensive at all and leaves a wonderfully fresh scent. Ideal!

Don’t use chemical remedies

Forget about chemical agents and do not use abrasives. This can irreparably damage your oven. It is also not necessary to spend hours cleaning your oven with all kinds of expensive cleaning products that promise results. Just a lemon and ready!

Source: interiorinsider | schoonmakenmetmarja | Image: Pixabay