Dishwasher tablet in your washing machine? You have to try this!

Put a dishwasher tablet in your washing machine and this is what happens!

Did you know that dishwasher tablets can do much more than just clean the dishes in a dishwasher? They’re very handy for all kinds of chores around the house. Have you ever put a dishwasher tablet in your washing machine? This has probably never crossed your mind before. You definitely need to try this!

Cleaning your washing machine

We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t imagine life without a washing machine anymore. Do you ever clean your washing machine? No? Then you’re probably not the only one. There are many people who forget about it or don’t know that cleaning your machine is necessary. Your washing machine may clean your clothes, but what’s cleaning your washer? For some, it may seem silly: a washing machine spends the majority of its time swirling around soapy water – that should mean it cleans itself, right? Well, no, unfortunately. It is important that you clean your washing machine once in a while. If you don’t, your laundry will smell badly and your laundry will be less clean. The drum itself can also give off a bad smell if it’s not cleaned often. By cleaning your machine you ensure a longer lifetime and prevent malfunctions. If you don’t do this or delay it for too long, the laundry will come out even dirtier than how it went in. Time to give your washing machine a good clean!

But why should you throw a dishwasher tablet in your washing machine? We’ll tell you all about it on the next page.