Dishwasher tablet in your washing machine? You have to try this!

Dishwasher tablet in the washing machine

You probably use your washing machine regularly and it makes your clothes look nice and clean. But limescale and soap residues can reduce the performance of your washing machine. Bacteria can also spread in the washing machine if you’re not cleaning it often. If you wash regularly at low temperatures, these bacteria keep spreading. This can sometimes cause your laundry to smell badly. Fortunately, you only need one simple thing to clean your washing machine: a simple dishwasher tablet!

Cleaning the washing machine

With a dishwasher tablet you can clean your washing machine quickly. It works very easily. Throw two dishwasher tablets in the drum and set your washing machine to the highest temperature. Run the program without any laundry. This way, the bacteria and soap residues that make your machine dirty no longer have a chance. Make sure you apply this cleaning trick every month. This trick is especially useful for machines that are 5 years and older as it can extend the life of the machine quite a bit.

Remove yellow sweat stains

Many people suffer from yellow sweat stains in a white or light shirt. With regular washing detergent, the stains often do not go away completely. But there is a solution! Wash your shirt as you normally do, but now put a dishwasher tablet in the washing machine. You can just throw these directly into the drum. Not only will those sweat stains disappear, other light stains will also vanish! This is because a dishwasher tablet is better at removing the fat that your body and deodorant cause. Definitely worth a try!

Source: jan | Image: pxhere