She wrapped her feet in aluminum foil and this happened after a few hours!


Aluminium foil will help you get rid of a cold in record time! How? It is very simple. Get five to seven sheets of aluminum foil and wrap them tightly around your feet. Leave them on for about an hour. Give your feet a 2-hour break, and rewrap your feet one more time. Repeat this process every day for the best results. You’ll be feeling better in no time!


Did you know that wrapping your feet in aluminum foil has a great effect on painful joints? Just wrap some aluminium foil around your sore spots before going to sleep. You can use some bandage to keep the aluminum foil in place. After two nights, you will notice the difference already!


Do you ever suffer from fatigue? Then aluminum foil can be a great solution. Just put a few sheets of aluminum foil in the freezer for two to four hours. Then, place the sheets of aluminum foil on your face. Make sure that they’re well placed on your eyelids and cheeks. Just relax, make yourself comfortable and in a few minutes you will notice the effect of the aluminum foil! Worth a try, right?

Source: Viralfood | Image: Youtube