This is what will happen when you bury your used tea bags in you garden! It’s amazing!

Not everyone understands gardening. From now on you don’t have to have green fingers anymore! There is a very simple product that can work wonders for your garden. Believe us, after reading these tips you will never throw your tea bags away!

Growing seeds

Growing seeds is sometimes very difficult. This is because most seeds do not germinate very often despite all the effort you have put into it. There is a way to make your seeds grow great. All you have to do is put a used tea bag in the garden soil.

Extra nutrients

Used tea bags contain nutrients and tannin. These are ideal foods for your garden soil. The tea bags are made from fibers from the stems of the abaca plant. This is a type of banana that produces a fiber. By burying a tea bag in the soil, you can turn your garden into a plant paradise! The result is a wonderful garden soil for all your flowers and plants.


The smell of tea bags in the garden soil keeps pests at bay. The smell of coffee grounds also ensures that pests stay away from your flowers and plants.

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