Why put a dishwasher tablet in your toilet?

Dishwasher tablet in your toilet

It’s a sad fact that a toilet gets filthy really quickly, especially when you’re living with several other people. It should definitely be cleaned every week, and perhaps even more often when you’ve got a large family. Sometimes a toilet can get pretty filthy and dark stains can appear at the edges of the bowl. Lucky for you, you can easily clean the toilet with a simple dishwasher tablet.

How it works

You’re probably wondering why anyone would put a dishwasher tablet in their toilet. There are several ways to make this trick work. Do you want to clean your toilet quickly because it is not very dirty? Then simply let the dishwasher tablet dissolve in the water. Grab your toilet brush and clean your toilet as you normally do. Do you suffer from limescale or stains in your toilet? No problem! Just wet a corner of the dishwasher tablet and use it as a sponge. Just brush and the stains disappear in no time. Pay attention, because a dishwasher tablet is more powerful than you might think! That’s why we recommend always wearing gloves to protect your hands when cleaning your toilet with a dishwasher tablet. A creative mom shared this trick on Facebook and many people decided to try it for themselves. And with amazing results! Extra tip: you can also use a dishwasher tablet when cleaning your dirty oven doors!

Source: Taseofhome Image: Needpix | YouTube