With these five tips you can clean your toilet more easily

2. Leave all-purpose cleaners

It is better not to use all-purpose cleaners to clean your toilet. A bit of cleaning vinegar with some soda works much better! You can just mix a cup of vinegar and soda with water. You will see that your toilet and the tiles will shine like never before when you clean with this self-made mixture. Easy right?

3. Clean toilet brush

You clean the toilet with a toilet brush, but how do you clean your toilet brush? You will probably put it back in the holder immediately after use. In this case, all bacteria remain on the toilet brush. The next time you use it, you actually only make your toilet dirtier. It is best to leave the toilet brush in the bowl with a little bit of cleaning vinegar. Do this at night so the vinegar can do its job. The next morning you simply flush the toilet and you have a perfectly clean toilet brush!

4. Remove items from the room

Items such as soaps, scented candles and air fresheners not only make cleaning a lot more difficult, but also attract a lot of dust. And that’s just more cleaning work! Do you have a rug in the toilet? You’re better off removing this one too. This also attracts a lot of dust and often contains a lot of bacteria too.

5. Always close the bowl

Prevention is always better. That’s why we advise you to always put the lid of the toilet down when you flush. This prevents a whirlwind of bacteria from spreading across the toilet or bathroom. The water splashes further than you think!

Source: schoonmakenmetmarja | Image: Pexels