This is the easiest way to clean your washing machine

Rubber seal

Most of the time, we forget to clean the rubber seal between the door and the machine. It is important to clean this properly! This is one of the spots where a lot of dirt can stay behind. It also makes your laundry smell bad and disrupts the water balance in the machine. A dirty rubber seal can also leave stains on your clothes. So you want to clean this as soon as possible. Get a kitchen towel and use it to wipe clean the rubber seal around the drum. You’ll notice you’ll wipe away a lot of grey and black dirt.

Soap drawer 

The soap drawer should also be cleaned thoroughly. Remove it from the machine and simply clean it with water and soap. You can also run it in the dishwasher. Dampen a cloth with water and a bit of soap and use it to wipe the compartment where you usually put the detergent. This is the place were some grease and detergent is usually left behind. This can cause a nasty smell so you want to make sure you don’t forget this part. Let the soap drawer dry thoroughly before putting it back in the machine.


You can easily clean the drum of your washing machine with cleaning vinegar. Put a good splash of cleaning vinegar in the drum. Then run a normal washing program on the hottest setting. Due to the high temperature in combination with vinegar, dirt, lime and grease dissolve well. Meanwhile, clean the outside of the washing machine with soapy water. Your washing machine is now completely clean and fresh again!

Extra tip

Do not use too much detergent! Too much detergent does not mean that your laundry will be extra clean. The amount of detergent you use can even have a negative impact on your laundry. Therefore, use the dosing cap of the bottle, it is there for a reason! It is also better to use powder detergent instead of liquid detergent to avoid residue in the machine.

Source: aeg | Image: pxhere