Locksmiths don’t want you to know this trick. This is going to save you so much money!

This is how you get a broken key out of the lock

Has it ever happened to you? Your key is stuck in the lock. You rattle a bit back and forth, put a bit of power and before you know it you have a broken key in your hand. What now? Many people call a locksmith to have the broken key removed. Save money and use these tips to get your broken key out of the lock yourself!


You can of course also call the locksmith. These might get your key out of the lock quickly, but this is also an expensive joke. Particularly on weekends or public holidays, the costs can easily rise to a few hundred euros! We have a few super tips for you to save this expensive bill!

Broken key

If a small piece of the key sticks out of the lock, use a little oil or a WD-40 spray can to lubricate the lock. WD-40 is the easiest because it has a long, thin nozzle that you can use. Carefully spray the oil into the lock between the cylinder and the key. This may well be a large amount. Then use pliers to pull the broken key out of the keyhole.

The broken key is not visible

If the key is broken too far and is it no longer visible? Then you can still remove the key with a few tricks. For example, you can use a strong magnet to pull the remainder out of the slot. Do you not have this at hand? Do not panic. Then you can also try to get the remainder of the key out with tweezers or a straightened paper clip. If this fails, you can drip a little super glue on the other half of the key and press the two halves together again. Do not use too much glue because you can irreparably damage the lock. When the glue is dry, you can carefully pull the key out.

Did not succeed? Then read on the next page the trick that works anyway!