The 10 most fantastic cleaning tips!

If only we had known this before!

Who still has time and desire to clean and scrub the entire house? Cleaning is something that needs to be done, but not everyone likes it. With these 10 tips, cleaning is a lot faster and easier!

Tip 1: Fresh scent

Your vacuum cleaner can sometimes give off a musty odor. This is very annoying if you have just cleaned your entire house and this removed the fresh scent. You can remedy this very easily by vacuuming up a little washing powder before you start vacuuming. The fresh scent is then spread throughout your house!

Tip 2: Stains on the couch

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent ourselves from messing around on the couch. The panacea? Ox gall soap! Ox gall soap does wonders for all stains on the couch: food, drink, juice. Even chocolate stains come out easily with a little ox-gal soap. You just buy it at the drugstore.

Tip 3: Gas burners

Cleaning the gas burners is not a nice job. Fortunately we have a tip that will make it easier for you. Use ‘brillo’ sponges next time. Rub this carefully over the gas burners and they will shine again.

Tip 4: Lime in the bathroom

Unfortunately we all know the problem of a shower enclosure where it is difficult to get lime. Coat the surface with sufficient rinse aid and let it soak in for about ten minutes. Just rinse and you are rid of all lime.

Tip 5: Clean the frying pan

This is perhaps the most annoying job. Fortunately we have a perfect tip to properly clean the frying pan! Remove the fat from the pan and wipe it as clean as possible with kitchen paper. Then fill the frying pan with water and add a dishwasher tablet. Put the plug in the wall socket and leave the fryer on for about fifteen minutes at one hundred degrees. Then rinse the frying pan and it is as good as new again. Also read: you can also use dishwasher tablets for these things at home.

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