Stick a stem from a rose in a potato. What happens is unbelievable!

Plastic bottle

Now grab the potato and drill a hole in the potato with a nail or with your screwdriver that has the size of the stem of the rose. Make sure it fits in well. Cover the bottom of the pot with 5 centimeters of potting soil and place the potato on top. Now fill the rest of the pot with soil. Cut off the bottom of the bottle and place it over the rose stalk.

Water the rose from time to time around the bottle. Bring the pot into a warm area that doesn’t receive any direct sunlight. When you see new growth forming, lightly pull on it. If you feel resistance, the roots have developed. You can remove the pop bottle and relocate the bottle to a location with more direct sun light. One week after hardening, transplant the rose back into your garden.

How’s that for a simple gardening hack? You won’t need to buy special supplies at the store or anything. You can try this trick with all kinds of rose bushes!

Watch the video below and see how it works!

Source: | Image: videostill | YouTube