This is why you should apply Vaseline to your face before bedtime

Everyone usually has a jar of Vaseline at home. We often use this for dry lips or other spots. But did you know that Vaseline ensures a soft and hydrated skin on your entire face? This is why we can’t live without it anymore …

Why it works

The internet is full of beauty tips, but this one is really worth it! You lubricate the skin well before bedtime with a layer of Vaseline. After a few weeks your skin will be wonderfully hydrated and soft. How it comes? We know that we lose a lot of moisture during the night, including in our face. The vaseline, as it were, encloses your skin so that no moisture can escape during the night. This allows you to enclose the natural moisture of your skin by applying a layer of Vaseline. According to beauty experts, this is the way to keep your skin beautiful. It works perfectly and is much cheaper than all creams and ointments that promise the same!

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