This is why you should apply Vaseline to your face before bedtime

Experts and dermatologists

According to the professional judgment of various dermatologists and skin specialists, including Dr. Jetske Ultee and Paula Begoun, Vaseline appears to be definitely not bad for your skin. For example, they indicate that it is a good way to protect dehydrated skin. What most people don’t know is that almost all scientific studies into the moisturizing properties of cosmetic ingredients compare with petrolatum (or vaseline). This substance is really the champion to introduce moisture!

The biggest benefits of applying Vaseline on your skin:

  • perfume free
  • does not irritate your skin
  • rarely causes allergic reactions
  • helps the epidermis to recover
  • improves the moisture content of your skin if you apply it regularly before sleeping

Pimples through Vaseline?

Help, don’t we get massive pimples from that? No! Research shows that you cannot get clogged pores from vaseline at all! It does not penetrate your skin at all, according to various dermatologists. Vaseline remains on your skin so it only functions as a protective layer.

Just pick up those jars of Vaseline, because there are many more things you can do with them! Read all about it on the next page.