This is why you should use white vinegar for washing! The result is fantastic!

Vinegar for your laundry

Have you ever put a white vinegar in the washing machine? Never? Then it’s time to change that! Did you know that vinegar is good for both your laundry and your washing machine? Unlike expensive detergents that promise the same thing, it is also very cheap! For a small amount you have a large bottle that you can use several times. We have listed the greatest benefits of vinegar in the washing machine for you.

1. No discoloration

Vinegar is a panacea for your laundry. You probably have it in the kitchen cupboard. If you start washing around 125 ml of natural vinegar through the fabric softener, this will protect your black and colored laundry against discoloration.

2. Fabric softener

Vinegar is also an ideal fabric softener. You can actually use white vinegar instead of the normal fabric softener to make your clothes less stiff after washing. You simply pour the vinegar into the fabric softener tray and wash on a normal program. It is better for the environment and also considerably cheaper! Vinegar does not leave any odors behind, but it does make the laundry smell nice and fresh.

We have a bottle of white vinegar with our washing machine as standard. Why? You can read it on the next page.