This is why you should use white vinegar for washing! The result is fantastic!

3. Remove stains

Treat stains with sweat, deodorant, juice, coffee or urine with soapy water and vinegar. Let it soak overnight with 125 ml of vinegar in the washing bin and remove the stains like snow in the sun!

4. Descale the machine

Yes, vinegar is really a panacea. It not only takes good care of your laundry, it is also good for your washing machine. It decalcifies and ensures that your washing machine lasts longer. Pour half a bottle of white vinegar into the machine. Then run the machine empty at the hottest setting. With this you disinfect the machine and let bad odors be forgotten. And another big advantage: it is also better for the environment because there are no chemicals in vinegar.

5. Animal hairs

Do you suffer from hairs on the clothes of your dog, cat or other pet? A cup of white vinegar in the washing machine ensures that the hair and fluff stick less to clothing. Ideal if you have a four-legged friend!

6. Fragrances

Many detergents and fabric softeners contain perfumes to mask unpleasant odors, but they do not completely remove them. A dash of vinegar in the washing machine neutralizes the smell of sweat and cigarette smoke, for example, without irritating the skin. Do you still miss the smell of clean laundry? Then add a few drops of essential oil for a wonderful scent.

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