You can also use dishwasher tablets for these things at home!

1. Caked pans

Do you still have caked-up food scraps in the pan after cooking and do you find it difficult to remove this stubborn dirt? Then dishwasher tablets are a solution! Place the dirty pan on the stove and fill it with a layer of water and add a dishwasher tablet. Then let it boil for a few minutes and then rinse the pan with water and a sponge or washing-up brush and your pan is as good as new again.

2. Yellow spots

Yellow spots are difficult to remove. The yellow spots are particularly difficult to remove around the armpits in white t-shirts. Washing with a dishwasher tablet is a great and inexpensive way to easily remove the stains. All you have to do is add a dishwasher tablet to the washing in the washing machine. Then run the normal program and your clothing will be bright white again!

3. Dispel odors

It often happens that the cooking smell still lingers in the home. Especially if you have used the gourmet set or have baked a fish. Fortunately, there is an easy and inexpensive way to get rid of the cooking odors in your house! All you have to do is put a pan of water on the fire and fill it with a generous layer of water. Place the pan on a low heat and add a dishwasher tablet. The pan of water will absorb the cooking odors and your home will be relieved of bad smells super fast!

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