You can also use dishwasher tablets for these things at home!

4. Frying pan

Cleaning your frying pan is a terrible job, but with this trick it becomes a lot easier! Fill the inner pan of the fryer three-quarters full with water and add a dishwasher tablet. Hang the basket in the inner pan, put the plug in the wall socket, set the temperature to a maximum of 90 degrees and turn the pan on for 10 minutes. Afterwards, carefully empty the inner pan and rinse everything well with hot water. The result: a shiny clean frying pan! Tip: just open a window if you are going to clean for the frying air that can be released. Curious how it works exactly? Then watch the video below about how to get a clean frying pan without any effort.

5. Brown attack

Every tea drinker knows the problem: ugly brown attack that remains in your glasses, mugs and teapots. This is an attack that is almost impossible to scrub with a washing-up brush. Fortunately, that is now changing thanks to a simple dishwasher tablet! It is very easy. Combine boiling water with a dishwasher tablet in the teapot or divide the water over the glasses or mugs. Let this soak for an hour and then rinse the dishes thoroughly. You will see that the brown attack has completely disappeared!

Source: Libelle | Image: freepix | YouTube