Do you also want a flatter tummy without workouts or diets?

Tip 5: Green tea

This is known as a very good fat burner. Any type of tea has a positive effect on digestion, because it contains a lot of water and heats your body. If you drink it after lunch or dinner, the food helps you move better through the intestines, while fats and carbohydrates are dissolved. It helps with nutrient absorption and increases body temperature, which reduces calorie intake. Green tea stimulates the body, reduces blood pressure, regulates glucose levels, eliminates free radicals and helps absorb calcium in the bones. It also contains an antioxidant called catechin and polyphenols, which control stress hormones.

Tip 6: Oatmeal

It is important to add this to your diet to reduce fatty tissue around the abdomen because oatmeal makes you feel satisfied. It is rich in protein and fiber and therefore it is ideal to take it for breakfast. It helps reduce cholesterol and purify your blood by the presence of substances that encapsulate toxins and fat in the body and then eliminate them from the body. You can also use it as a crust for meat or vegetables.

Tip 7: Olive oil

This is the best oil that exists. Especially extra virgin olive oil that is cold pressed has a very high quality. It contains many unsaturated fats that are good for the body. Furthermore, it also contains a lot of nutrients that you need when you follow a low-fat diet. Olive oil absorbs nutrients, synthesizes hormones and reduces cholesterol. However, do not use it for cooking, as that will change its composition.

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Source: Healthier life | Image: Pixabay |  Videostill