Your sleeping position reveals your character!

The Heron

Are you like a heron at night, with one leg up? Then chances are that you are an unpredictable type who is ready for all kinds of adventures. Nice and exciting, but unfortunately your mood can change just as quickly as your agenda. You find it difficult to make the right choices in your work and life, because you are secretly looking for peace, cleanliness and regularity.

With your knees forward on your side

Can you not fall asleep without sticking out your knees while lying on your side? This means that you are a calm and reliable person. It is not easy to insult you and you laugh even on the most dreary fall day.

On your belly

Are you a belly sleeper? Then you are someone who takes the lead. You are impulsive and initiative-rich in both your personal life and your work. You are a planner and therefore not a fan of surprises.

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