Your sleeping position reveals your character!

In the fetal position

Do you mainly sleep in the fetal position? Then you are often looking for protection and a listening ear. By rolling yourself up like this, you try to close yourself off from the big bad outside world. Fine: you are very creative.

On your back

Are you lying on your back with your arms near your head or next to you? Then you are a strong personality who likes to be in the spotlight. You love socializing and good company, but at the same time you are someone who does not hesitate to tell the truth.

Arms tight along your body

Do you sleep like a soldier on guard, on your back with your arms tight along your body? Then you are someone who can adapt well to the environment. You know what you want to achieve in life and you will do everything to achieve this. You can be demanding for the people around you, but above all you demand a lot from yourself.

Source: Healthier life Libelle | Image: Videostill| YouTube