How are you sitting right now? It can tell A LOT about your personality!

Sitting position as in picture A

This position indicates you have a charming and personable nature but may be childish at times. You don’t always like to address problems and either ignore them or place them on the back burner. A glass-full type of person, you tend to see the positive in a situation. You are also very creative.

Sitting position as in picture B

Though this may sound disagreeable but legs crossed is often a sign of not letting someone peek into your weaknesses. This position appears confident but because it may be a show, it could mean that you lack confidence inside. You are not very open about talking to strangers and like to stay closed.

Sitting position as in picture C

Things might be a little chaotic for you, but in your mind it’s organized chaos that you’re perfectly capable of living with. Staying focused isn’t your strong-suit, whether it’s during a conversation or a task. Drama may have a tendency to follow you but you don’t mind, it only makes you more motivated. In terms of your personal style, comfort is your go-to.

Sitting position as in picture D

Perfection is your thing. You may come across as strict and cold but what you actually are inside is sincere, kind, meticulous and perfectionist. You can’t not be on time and are pretty straight up when it comes to worthwhile matters.

Sitting position as in picture E

You are very ambitious and will work hard to accomplish your goals, knowing that in time everything will come to fruition. That’s why you are okay with things not being rushed. You’re also a great listener and confidant. However, you are also very concerned with your outward appearance, and want to look good at all times. This hides some insecurities which flare up when you are hit with criticism. Your feelings do get hurt in those cases but you tend to internalize it.

Source: Libelle | Image: Videostill | YouTube