15 uses for tea bags that you would never have expected!

8. Soak Your Feet

Tea can work as a natural way to soften calluses and deodorise your tootsies. Add a tea bag or two to a bucket of warm water, put your feet in, and sit back and relax.

9. Clean Wood Furniture

Tea can actually work as a solid furniture polish replacement. Use cool, freshly-brewed tea (I recommend peppermint) to wipe down table tops and mop floors. The tea helps cut through dirt and grease. Once you wipe it down, use a dry cloth to dry and buff the area. Like any new furniture cleaner, try this one out on a small spot of your table before going all in, just in case there are any issues.

10. Ease Sunburn Pain

That same theory also works when it comes to sunburn. Applying a wet tea bag to burned skin will help ease pain from sunburn as well as things such as stings and abrasions like razor burn.

11. Wash Your Dishes

Have a particularly troublesome pile of dirty dishes? Soak the dishes in the sink with a tea bag or two inside. The tea will help break down stuck on grime and grease and will make scrubbing much easier.

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