The 10 most fantastic cleaning tips!

Tip 6: Dirty oven

Can your oven use a cleanup due to sticky food scraps? Coat it with green soap. Then place a piece of aluminum foil on the grid with a cloth covered with a generous splash of ammonia. Close the oven and after a night’s sleep you can easily wipe the fat and dirt off your oven!

Tip 7: Wash windows

Do you want to make sure that your windows are completely clean again, shine beautifully and also have no streaks? It is possible with this ingenious tip. Put a generous dash of white vinegar in a spray bottle and top up with some water. Spray this on the windows and then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Voilà, your windows look beautiful again!

Tip 8: Limescale in the toilet

A limescale in the toilet bowl is common and difficult to remove. Fortunately we have good tips for this. For example, put a dishwasher tablet in the toilet bowl and let it soak overnight. You can also try rinsing a dash of vinegar every night. Within a few days your toilet will be shiny clean again.

Tip 9: Fresh laundry

Does your washing machine no longer smell so fresh? Do not panic. Decalcifying your washing machine often helps prevent odor. Put a generous dash of (cleaning) vinegar in the detergent dispenser. Then run the washing machine empty at ninety degrees. Also read: other fantastic benefits of vinegar with your laundry.

Tip 10: Wash curtains

Our curtains can also use a cleaning service. Washing is often a big job, because nobody wants to remove all the hooks every time. That is why we often do not do this job while it is necessary. But what if you can just leave the brackets? Put them together in a washcloth or sock with an elastic band around it and you can immediately hang up your curtain after washing.

Watch the videos below for even more tips!

Source: Mamma&Zo | Picture: pixabay | YouTube