This is why you should apply Vaseline to your face before bedtime

Goodbye bad hairday

Of course we all want our hair to look as beautiful as possible. However, split ends can sometimes throw a spanner in the works. Is your hair often dry or you just can’t get it in shape? Forget gel and other expensive conditioners! The only thing you need is some Vaseline. Lubricate the Vaseline generously in your ends when you are in the shower and you can say goodbye to dead ends in no time!


Believe it or not, Vaseline works perfectly to make your shoes look new for as long as possible! Keep your shoe soles spotless by applying a little Vaseline. You can also polish your leather shoes by applying a little Vaseline. This also works for example on a leather jacket to keep the quality good.

Source: Margriet | Image: Freepix| YouTube