This is why you should apply Vaseline to your face before bedtime

Replacement for mosquito spray

No mosquito repellent but do you suffer from those irritating insects? Then cover yourself with some Vaseline. The smell of petroleum (this is the active ingredient in Vaseline) scares mosquitoes and other insects. This is a super effective alternative to expensive mosquito repellent.

Perfume stays longer

You may know that you sprayed your favorite scent in the morning, but you don’t smell it after a few hours. We have the solution for you! First apply a layer of Vaseline on your skin and then spray on the perfume. The vaseline is then a kind of protective layer so that the scent does not penetrate too deeply into your skin and you can enjoy the wonderful scent for much longer.

Make-up wonder

We all know that our makeup is no longer as beautiful at the end of the evening. Try to apply some Vaseline Start your lipstick eye shadow. You will see that your makeup lasts much better and lasts longer. Extra tip: do you no longer have a make-up remover? Then put some Vaseline on a cotton pad and spread it on your face. Do you accidentally have some makeup in your clothing? Put a little Vaseline on the stain before it goes into the washing machine. Believe us, it really works!

Helps against squeaky doors

Are you annoyed by the squeaking sound of the hinges as soon as you open the door? A tip to prevent this annoying sound is to lubricate the hinges with Vaseline. Use a small brush to cover all the stains and you will immediately be beeping.

Easy to paint nails

Do you often paint your nails? Then you probably know that it can sometimes be a bit of a mess. It just remains difficult to get the nail polish only on the nails and not on the skin around it. The golden tip: if you put some Vaseline around your nails before you start painting, it will be much easier to get rid of the paint that has come on your skin later on. Handy!

Candle wax on a candlestick

Recognizable: after burning a candle, your favorite candlestick is completely covered with candle wax. We have the solution. Spread some Vaseline on the spots where the wax can touch the candlestick. In this way the candle wax does not get stuck. This way you can easily remove the fat after use without any effort!

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