You probably eat these 9 cancer causing foods every day!

2. Farmed salmon

Natural fish, especially salmon, is known as one of the healthiest foods. Eating salmon can be a healthy and delicious addition to your diet. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for heart health and brain function. It is also a good source of protein, vitamin D, and other nutrients. But not all salmon products are actually healthy! In Europe, a large part of the salmon is farmed in farms. Farmed salmon is salmon that is raised in an aquaculture setting rather than being caught in the wild. It is a common source of seafood and is popular due to its relatively low cost and year-round availability. This fish receives unnatural food and is often contaminated with chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides and other carcinogenic substances found in materials such as asbestos. Farmed salmon is also fatter than fresh salmon, so it absorbs more toxins. Make sure you choose fresh instead of farmed salmon!